About Crown & Covenant

Crown & Covenant Publications is the publications office of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. Our office is responsible for publishing psalters, books, and CDs—especially the well-known Book of Psalms for Singing and Trinity Psalter. We also publish a monthly magazine, the Reformed Presbyterian Witness.

We are five people who try our best to give you top-quality, Biblically Reformed materials. Because we are such a small office, everyone here wears every hat imaginable, often resulting in humorous or unintended results. We hope this blog will allow us to connect you with the goings-on at C&C and keep you up-to-date on our current projects.



2 thoughts on “About Crown & Covenant”

  1. I have been seriously interested for years in the stories of the Covenanters of mid 17th century Scotland. I see that you are marketing Jock Purves’ book entitled “Fair Sunshine”. Well done!

    You will see from my blog that I am very sympathetic to your reformed presentations and love of Psalms:


    Best wishes, Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario

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