New Psalter Update!

The Book of Psalms for Worship is currently at the printer! We actually received a proof of the entire psalter today for a final perusal.

Right now, the psalter is set to ship to our office at the end of June although this is subject to change if anything crops up in the production process.
Here are a few quick facts about The Book of Psalms for Worship:

  • It will be a bit larger dimensionally than The Book of Psalms for Singing. This was done so all the type could be a consistent size to allow for maximum readability.
  • The thickness of the book will be similar to the current psalter.
  • The new cover will be blue with silver lettering.
  • The first print run will be for 5,000 copies.
  • A special, limited, first edition will be released in addition to the initial print run. (Approximately 75 to 80 will be available for purchase.)

  • 10 thoughts on “New Psalter Update!”

    1. Drew and Lynn,

      I am wondering if the BOPFW is going to have a site like I think that having such a site up and running BEFORE the Psalter comes to us in the churches would be a great help as we are discovering new tunes and tweaked old tunes.

      Looking forward to the work! I hope to have a couple in hand by Synod.



    2. Yes! Actually, we’ve been working on a major upgrade to to accommodate both The Book of Psalms for Worship and The Book of Psalms for Singing. As you can imagine, we are overwhelmed with lots of new things to work on, but our goal is to have upgraded by the time the new psalter actually hits mailboxes.

    3. What is new about the “Book of Psalms for Worship”? How is it different from the “Book of Psalms for Singing?”

      Enthusiastic Psalm-singer,

    4. Ken, Thanks for asking that question! We have posted an FAQ about the The Book of Psalms for Worship here:

      Overall, the new psalter offers a more current English translation, so no obsolete or archaic words are used. For instance, instead of saying, “To Thy house will I repair,” in Psalm 5:7, it reads, “To Your house will I draw near.” More current language usage will make this psalter more accessible to worshipers of all ages and cultures. Some have pointed out that this will be especially helpful for those for whom English is a second language.

      The Book of Psalms for Worship introduces several new musical compositions and many tunes that may be familiar but that are paired with psalms for the first time. However, The Book of Psalms for Worship repeats more of the familiar tunes than the 1973 Book of Psalms for Singing does. This eliminates most tunes that are difficult for congregational singing. Because of the repetition, even though The Book of Psalms for Worship has about the same number of selections as the older psalter, it has less tunes—about 360 instead of 426!

      For more features of The Book of Psalms for Worship, visit the FAQ page and download a few sample pages at:

    5. At some point will the best of prior editions be available — a leather bound copy that we may have embossed with our name?

    6. is currently undergoing a major renovation to accommodate the new tunes from The Book of Psalms for Worship. All the tune corrections will be made then.

    7. There will be a number of collector or gift editions of the new psalter. As for the best of prior editions, the only one we have the ability to make is the Book of Psalms for Singing. We may have gift editions of this in the future, it depends on if people want them or not…

    8. I just received notice that my Psalters shipped today. Will be updated soon with the new tunes? I don’t even see resources to buy online. I can’t sight read music and am hoping my family will have the new tunes available to facilitate our singing together during family worship.

    9. is being overhauled, and the new midi files will be available there. Lord willing, it will only be a few more weeks yet. Thanks for asking!

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