From the Lips of Little Ones

From the Lips of Little OnesFrom the Lips of Little Ones made its debut at the RP International Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This book, compiled by ARP Pastor Jeff Kingswood, is a study in the children’s catechism for families. The study questions are conversational, designed to encourage dialogue with your children about basic Bible teachings.

This is the kind of book that would be a valuable format for family devotions. Even a family with younger and older children may find that the older ones will be pleased to discuss these topics with the younger ones, and it will be good review.     


There is something to discuss and a suggested scripture reading for every weekday for 73 weeks. The questions are based on Joseph P. Engle’s Children’s Catechism of 1840, which was derived from the Westminster Shorter Catechism. A few terms have been changed for 21st century understanding.
ISBN: 978-1-884527-24-1
Paper, 146 pp.


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