The Media They Are A-Changing

The way people receive information has changed rapidly, and, believe me, Christian publishers have taken notice.

We (Lynne and Drew) attended a Christian publishers conference last week. It is amazing how the topics of conversation have changed even since the last time we attended a couple years ago. Though much of what we do is print publishing, I can’t remember one session of this conference that didn’t include mention of Twitter and Facebook, as well as digital publishing.

One speaker quoted Sony Publishing as saying that digital books will overtake sales of print books in five years. Regardless of whether you believe that, the trend is obvious. E-books have finally taken hold, including in the textbook market, where they make a lot of practical sense for both the publisher and the purchaser. And we’re seeing more demand for our digital products in our office, whether it’s digital downloads of music or digital copies of books or the desire for on-demand print publications that can be printed more cost-effectively with digital technology.

This particular conference was for Christian publishers who are owned by their church denomination. Every publisher who was there is significantly larger than Crown & Covenant, but many of the issues we face are similar. And so it was encouraging to rub shoulders with, and gain encouragement from, others who know the particular challenges and blessings of publishing God’s Word for the people in a rapidly changing world.

One thought on “The Media They Are A-Changing”

  1. I’m excited to hear that you’re thinking about a digital edition of the psalter. I would certainly love to have a digital copy of the Book of Psalms for Worship on my laptop or iPod Touch.

    Any discussion of a mobile app for the psalter? I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses the midi files with the psalter in personal devotions… It would be great to have an app that played the midi files along with the lyrics and had the ability to transpose the midi files to an appropriate vocal range.

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