Stewardship in Printing

Printing can be a dirty and wasteful business. Often people are most worried about cutting down trees, but that is not the biggest problem. Printing requires a lot of chemicals, electricity and disposable metals.

Crown & Covenant Publications is interested in printers that are practicing wise and creative stewardship in their business and reducing harmful effects on people, their neighborhoods and the earth in general.

For two decades we have made an effort to use acid free papers and recycled content. More recently, we have been using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers on our books. But now new innovations are allowing printers to do even more.

Last month, we had the opportunity to tour an innovative plant that printed our most recent sales flyer. Knepper Press is special because they built their facility to be energy efficient, environmentally smart and cost effective.

They not only recycle 100% of all the paper, aluminum and skids that they use, they also use vegetable based inks. Most notable is a new press that uses the solvents in the ink to fuel the dryer. They also buy wind energy credits for all the electricity that they use.

Instead of having dozens of trucks haul waste paper away during the week, the facility whisks away all paper waste into ducts that run along the huge facility’s ceiling. From there, they are sucked into a machine that looks like something from a Dr. Seuss book. The machine shreds the paper and compresses it into large “bricks,” which weigh about a ton and only need to be hauled away to a recycle center once a day!

Here are pictures of us looking at a brick made by the wondrous machine.
Dr. Seuss Machine recycles paper.

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