Copyright Policy and the New Psalter

Almost every day, the Crown & Covenant office receives requests to reprint or use its psalter arrangements. To simplify things, The Book of Psalms for Worship has a generous copyright policy.

In the course of a year, an individual or church may make up to 500 copies each of up to 12 selections for a not-for-profit use—as long as the copyright for the tune or arrangement is not held by another party (check the bottom of each page to see if there is a copyright statement).

Any copies that are made should have a credit line, which is listed on page 559, too. The credit line helps a second or third party trace the origins.

The idea of the new copyright policy is to make it easier for an individual or church to make copies for one-time or short-term use. Copies should not be kept for over a year, and booklets and recordings will still require written permission.

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