Children At Work

“Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” was April 24. In the U.S., this official day began about 15 years ago. At Crown & Covenant, there are many days through the year when you can see the bright face of a child in our offices. That tradition goes back at least 20 years. My wife and I, sharing one job, had times when we  needed to be working together. There were even a couple of board meetings where we had a playpen nearby!


AlexaMost recently, it is the shining face of three-year-old Alexa that we see from time to time. She is the daughter of our business manager, Josh. Sometimes she is here for just a few minutes, sometimes a few hours. But always she is a refreshing addition to the workplace.


Recently a former employee came back to work temporarily for us. We encouraged her to bring her child Kinsey with her if it meant that working for us would be more feasible. We’d rather have valuable employees working with restrictions than not working at all!


Besides, God has placed us in families–a critical part of, and reflection of, His promises to us. We are missing something, and making our children miss something, if we strictly forbid them from the workplace. It’s good for them to see us going about our day’s business (Deuteronomy 6:5-9).


It’s easier in a small office environment to allow this kind of flexibility. Someone who works at a nuclear power plant or who digs ditches can’t include children often. But for those who are able, it’s much more of a blessing than a hassle.


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