Psalm Settings 2008

Psalm SettingsWe just received boxes and boxes of our newly revamped Psalm Settings booklet. We updated this booklet four years ago to fix a number of musical and layout issues found in the original “green” booklet. However, there were still some things that were less-than-ideal, especially the size of the type. 

In this new version, we have standardized the type-size making for a more readable and singable book. We have also fixed some of the lingering musical issues. 

If you would like a copy, you can get one from our website.

Who sings Psalms?

Have you ever wondered about where Crown & Covenant ships Psalters and other materials? Well, not long ago we shipped several cases of The Book of Psalms for Singing to Hawaii while a few months earlier we loaded a wooden pallet with boxes of Trinity Psalters to go to Singapore. Sometimes our orders go to South Africa, other times to India or Ireland. Occasionally, it’s Peru and often it’s Canada. People all over the globe are singing Psalms because of Crown & Covenant!

100,000 Psalters?

You read that number correctly. Since its first printing in 1973, The Book of Psalms for Singing has been a blessed part of the worship of God’s people around the world.

After receiving our most recent shipment, we wondered how many copies of The Book of Psalms for Singing have been printed and sold over the past 35 years. Would you believe 100,000? Yes, a denomination with a membership of about 6,500 has produced 100,000 copies of its psalter. This number really shows how widespread the use of The Book of Psalms for Singing is in a variety of churches.

We hope you join with us in rejoicing at the spread of psalm-singing to God’s people everywhere!

A Forkless Lift

Someday we may be able to utilize a forklift, but for now the best such a machine could do would be to unload the book-laden boxes from a delivery truck and then dump them down the concrete steps to our basement stockroom.

That is why my heart skipped a beat when we saw the 18-wheeler outside our office at 8:30 a.m. last Monday. The 3,000 psalters weren’t to arrive until the next day. At that moment, it was just Drew’s and my four biceps and a truck driver who was desperately seeking our fork lift.

After a panicked call to the next-door RP Seminary, which produced eager and sacrificial students Jay Strunk and Keihei Takiura, the driver suggested the books could be redelivered the next day. This gave us time to do things right.

The next day a smaller trailer with a liftgate backed up within several yards of our stock room storm doors. Despite arriving a bit earlier than planned, several Seminary students and staff ran over to give us a lift. Due to past experience, we placed a folding table on the steps, legs extended only on the lower side. The trucker unloaded the palettes and the helpers slung the boxes, one by one, toward the inclined table. There, they slid down to the helpers below who continued the bucket brigade until the boxes were securely in place on stockroom palettes. It took less than an hour and we celebrated with pizza. Special thanks are due to Grant Van Leuven, Sam DeSocio, Paul Martin, Zack Kail, and Young-Ho Kim. With friends like these, who needs a forklift?