The Media They Are A-Changing

The way people receive information has changed rapidly, and, believe me, Christian publishers have taken notice.

We (Lynne and Drew) attended a Christian publishers conference last week. It is amazing how the topics of conversation have changed even since the last time we attended a couple years ago. Though much of what we do is print publishing, I can’t remember one session of this conference that didn’t include mention of Twitter and Facebook, as well as digital publishing.

One speaker quoted Sony Publishing as saying that digital books will overtake sales of print books in five years. Regardless of whether you believe that, the trend is obvious. E-books have finally taken hold, including in the textbook market, where they make a lot of practical sense for both the publisher and the purchaser. And we’re seeing more demand for our digital products in our office, whether it’s digital downloads of music or digital copies of books or the desire for on-demand print publications that can be printed more cost-effectively with digital technology.

This particular conference was for Christian publishers who are owned by their church denomination. Every publisher who was there is significantly larger than Crown & Covenant, but many of the issues we face are similar. And so it was encouraging to rub shoulders with, and gain encouragement from, others who know the particular challenges and blessings of publishing God’s Word for the people in a rapidly changing world.

Future Staff Member

Crown & Covenant’s business manager, Josh, and his wife, Steph, are the proud parents of a baby boy. Kian was born Jan. 19 and weighed 8 lbs. Kian and his mom are both doing well. Our congratulations to Josh and his family. We know that soon Kian will be as much of an encouragement to our office as his sister Alexa has been!

Stewardship in Printing

Printing can be a dirty and wasteful business. Often people are most worried about cutting down trees, but that is not the biggest problem. Printing requires a lot of chemicals, electricity and disposable metals.

Crown & Covenant Publications is interested in printers that are practicing wise and creative stewardship in their business and reducing harmful effects on people, their neighborhoods and the earth in general.

For two decades we have made an effort to use acid free papers and recycled content. More recently, we have been using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers on our books. But now new innovations are allowing printers to do even more.

Last month, we had the opportunity to tour an innovative plant that printed our most recent sales flyer. Knepper Press is special because they built their facility to be energy efficient, environmentally smart and cost effective.

They not only recycle 100% of all the paper, aluminum and skids that they use, they also use vegetable based inks. Most notable is a new press that uses the solvents in the ink to fuel the dryer. They also buy wind energy credits for all the electricity that they use.

Instead of having dozens of trucks haul waste paper away during the week, the facility whisks away all paper waste into ducts that run along the huge facility’s ceiling. From there, they are sucked into a machine that looks like something from a Dr. Seuss book. The machine shreds the paper and compresses it into large “bricks,” which weigh about a ton and only need to be hauled away to a recycle center once a day!

Here are pictures of us looking at a brick made by the wondrous machine.
Dr. Seuss Machine recycles paper.

15,000 Now in Print

The 3rd printing of The Book of Psalms for Worship was delivered today. Since it follows on the heels of receiving our special-edition psalters (the three versions of the Psalter Mini and the Large-Print versions), we have psalter boxes everywhere!

Since the arrival of the 1st printing of The Book of Psalms for Worship in June, the office has seemed like a revolving door of psalter boxes. We’ve been keeping our mailmen very busy. We’re thankful for the challenges all that brings, because it means that God’s Word will continue to be sung by psalm singers old and new. Over 15,000 copies of the 2009 edition are now in print.


18 selections from The Book of Psalms for Worship are available on the new recording Abundance—downloadable in MP3 format today at the Crown & Covenant Publications web store. The packaged CD release will be available for $15 by August 20.


Copyright Policy and the New Psalter

Almost every day, the Crown & Covenant office receives requests to reprint or use its psalter arrangements. To simplify things, The Book of Psalms for Worship has a generous copyright policy.

In the course of a year, an individual or church may make up to 500 copies each of up to 12 selections for a not-for-profit use—as long as the copyright for the tune or arrangement is not held by another party (check the bottom of each page to see if there is a copyright statement).

Any copies that are made should have a credit line, which is listed on page 559, too. The credit line helps a second or third party trace the origins.

The idea of the new copyright policy is to make it easier for an individual or church to make copies for one-time or short-term use. Copies should not be kept for over a year, and booklets and recordings will still require written permission.

New Psalter Recording

Today, this lovely crew recorded over a dozen a cappella selections from The Book of Psalms for Worship in a spacious, state-of-the-art studio in Pittsburgh, Pa. The CD should be available shortly after the new psalter arrives.

The singers after a long recording day at Audible Images, Pittsburgh.
The singers after a long recording day at Audible Images, Pittsburgh.