New Psalter Update!

The Book of Psalms for Worship is currently at the printer! We actually received a proof of the entire psalter today for a final perusal.

Right now, the psalter is set to ship to our office at the end of June although this is subject to change if anything crops up in the production process.
Here are a few quick facts about The Book of Psalms for Worship:

  • It will be a bit larger dimensionally than The Book of Psalms for Singing. This was done so all the type could be a consistent size to allow for maximum readability.
  • The thickness of the book will be similar to the current psalter.
  • The new cover will be blue with silver lettering.
  • The first print run will be for 5,000 copies.
  • A special, limited, first edition will be released in addition to the initial print run. (Approximately 75 to 80 will be available for purchase.)
  • RP International t-shirts

    Some of our customers saw us at the RP 2008 International Conference. For the conference, we designed and sold a variety of t-shirts to mark the event. Some of our styles and designs were very popular and sold out quickly. This was good for us but many people did not get the shirt they wanted.

    If you are interested in getting a shirt, please let us know soon. If there is enough response, we will have some more made. Contact Josh if you are interested. Thanks!

    Rediscovering the Psalms

    While psalm singing isn’t new to many who read this blog, it is still a newly-rediscovered practice for many. There is a great blog entry on the reformation21 blog that covers the topic very well. 


    Head on over to read this great post, and you can pick up copies of the psalters mentioned in the post —two of which are published by Crown & CovenantThe Book of Psalms for Singing and the Trinity Psalter.


    If you are looking for a good book on the topic of psalmody, we recommend Sing the Lord’s Song by John Keddie.

    Psalm Settings 2008

    Psalm SettingsWe just received boxes and boxes of our newly revamped Psalm Settings booklet. We updated this booklet four years ago to fix a number of musical and layout issues found in the original “green” booklet. However, there were still some things that were less-than-ideal, especially the size of the type. 

    In this new version, we have standardized the type-size making for a more readable and singable book. We have also fixed some of the lingering musical issues. 

    If you would like a copy, you can get one from our website.

    Death of a coffee maker

    Our new friend!We had a minor office tragedy a couple weeks ago. Quite unexpectedly, our coffee maker quit making coffee. It looked fine—the lights were on, the buttons worked, but the machine wouldn’t brew the coffee. As the coffee maker’s primary responsibility in this office is to propel all of us to new heights of motivation and innovation, there was understandable dismay at its passing.


    After a few days surviving on coffee brought from home or the various coffee shops/gas stations on all our various routes to work, a shiny new coffee maker took center stage on the counter in the kitchen. 


    I love a happy ending.

    The Theological Minute with J. G. Vos

    You may or may not be familiar with Johannes Geerhardus Vos, but we can all still learn a lot from his writings. For 33 years, J. G. wrote a quarterly magazine called Blue Banner Faith and Life. Some of the studies from this magazine have been compiled into books already, and others are in the works.

    One of the most beneficial things Vos did in his magazine was define theological terms in a succinct manner. Crown & Covenant has compiled all of these definitions (nearly 400 of them), and created a widget for you to use on your website or blog. It updates itself everyday and will add great content to your site!

    You can see what it looks like in the right-hand column here on our blog.


    100,000 Psalters?

    You read that number correctly. Since its first printing in 1973, The Book of Psalms for Singing has been a blessed part of the worship of God’s people around the world.

    After receiving our most recent shipment, we wondered how many copies of The Book of Psalms for Singing have been printed and sold over the past 35 years. Would you believe 100,000? Yes, a denomination with a membership of about 6,500 has produced 100,000 copies of its psalter. This number really shows how widespread the use of The Book of Psalms for Singing is in a variety of churches.

    We hope you join with us in rejoicing at the spread of psalm-singing to God’s people everywhere!