Familiar Hymn Tunes and the Psalter

As mail clerk at Crown and Covenant, I often talk to people who are new to singing the Psalms. Since they are unfamiliar with singing from The Book of Psalms for Singing, I often suggest that they would benefit from a little tool that is available for free from us. This tool is called the Familiar Hymn Tune List in The Book of Psalms for Singing. It is a double-sided sheet of paper listing 120 familiar tunes of hymns that are used in The Book of Psalms for Singing. For example, Psalm 3 uses the tune of the very familiar hymn, Amazing Grace, while Psalm 45C uses the hymn tune for Crown Him with Many Crowns. Psalm 101 is sung to the tune of The Church’s One Foundation.

I usually include a copy of this list with orders for The Book of Psalms for Singing and am happy and eager to send this free aid to anyone who requests it. It also is available online by going to our storefront and clicking on Psalter Copyrights. There is a link to this tool available on that page.

Packing Ahead

RP InternationalHave you ever started packing over two months before taking a trip? Well, that’s what we are doing here at Crown & Covenant. Yes, we are excited about the upcoming RP International Conference at Calvin College! Are you planning to attend and have you sent in your registration? It is a terrific experience to meet with many Christians of the denomination from all over the US as well as other countries. You will not want to miss conference lectures, sectionals, and worship. Meeting old friends and making new friends adds to the enjoyment of the conference.

So here at the office, books are arriving, and we are pricing and packing them. We are going to have a huge book table—a whole room just for Crown & Covenant products. It would be great to see you there.


In the past several months we have transitioned at Crown & Covenant from using the traditional Pitney-Bowes postage machine to the new Online Postage system called Endicia. It’s exciting to be able to print postage stamps in whatever amount we need. No more running to the post office for stamps or waiting for them to arrive when purchased Online. Be aware that postage costs are going to increase again on May 1st! Crown & Covenant tries to keep apace of and implement the most modern methods of shipping so that your orders arrive in good order and as quickly as possible.

Who sings Psalms?

Have you ever wondered about where Crown & Covenant ships Psalters and other materials? Well, not long ago we shipped several cases of The Book of Psalms for Singing to Hawaii while a few months earlier we loaded a wooden pallet with boxes of Trinity Psalters to go to Singapore. Sometimes our orders go to South Africa, other times to India or Ireland. Occasionally, it’s Peru and often it’s Canada. People all over the globe are singing Psalms because of Crown & Covenant!

Packing Materials

As mail clerk of Crown & Covenant, packing materials are very important to me. We are blessed by many people who donate clean packing materials that we are able to recycle. We are pleased when people donate clean packing peanuts, bubble wrap, air bags, packing newsprint, and small reusable boxes. Thank you every one for your kindness and thoughtfulness!